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Santa Leticia’s Natural Pacamara – 12oz


At Shaded Root, we get more than excited anytime we have an opportunity to sample a naturally processed coffee. Naturally processed coffees bring a HUGE array of unique flavor profiles that would otherwise go left untasted with current washing practices! These fantastic flavors come from the fruit being left on the bean during the drying process. This naturally processed technique goes back thousands of years and not only helps conserve water, within regions where contaminates and purification is challenging, but also allows for a completely unparalleled cup!

Simply put. We are pretty jazzed and we know you will be too.


Fun Fact: This makes an incredible cold brew. Seriously, we guarantee it will change your life*.

*Shaded Root will not be liable for any lives left unmarked by the cold brew. Instead, we will only feel bad for you.

Flavor Profile:

  • Brown Sugar
  • Bittersweet Cocoa
  • Honey
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