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The Dark Elvis – 12oz


“What? Na, no way…OMG they did it! The dark roasted king is finally here!!” – at least a couple of people

Over the years, we have seen questions slowly turn into threats over one common request:

“Dear Shaded Root, why do you have no dark roast offerings?”

“Hey Shaded Root, why are you depriving us of dark roasts!?”

“Yo Shaded Root, if we don’t start getting dark roast coffee soon, we’ll start breaking mugs!!”

We are proud to announce that our first official dark roasted blend is finally here to grace the brewers!! We took our sweet time sourcing the best varietals that would complement each other for a perfect cup. While typical “dark” roasts could also be substituted for charcoal, we made sure our blended varietals brought a complexity and depth consistently lacking in others. This is our take on a dark roasted blend.

So shake your hips and grab a bag, the king is here!


Fun Fact: Coffee is a like a beautiful piece of meat, cooking it medium rare can often bring out its best characteristics. So, when creating a dark roasted blend worthy of joining our pantheon of all-star roasts, it was important to source the highest quality of beans that taste best when roasted dark. Enjoy!

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