Impresso Espresso Blend – 12oz


We have been hard at work creating an espresso blend for the people, the masses, your family and friends! This blend not only brings to life your cortado, flat white, and Americano. It brings to life your day! It is great for espresso machines as well as your everyday drip brew.

Many people wonder about the creative process our roasters take when coming up with each amazing blend. Luckily, we have a rare glimpse into what transpired the day our Impresso Espresso was born.

Shaded Root Transcript #432

Roaster #1: “So where did you come up with the idea for blending a single-origin Peruvian with our Guatemalan?”

Roaster #2: “A dream.”

*espresso tamping noises*

Roaster #1: “A dream?”

Roaster #2: “Yep.”

*espresso machine noises*

Roaster #1: “That’s ridiculous, be serious.”

Roaster #2: “Ok. It was more like a vision.”

*espresso machine noises continued*

Roaster #1: “A vision!?! Surely you spent weeks considering the Guatemalan’s bourbon and caturra varietals, with their strong notes of dried apple, complementing the Peruvians chocolatey background, resulting in a perfectly balanced pour?!?!

Roaster 2#: “Na.”

*classy sipping noises*

Roaster #1: *single tear rolls down cheek*

Roaster #2: “Now that’s Impresso!”

End of Transcript

…Ehhh maybe its not as magical as I envisioned. Either way, there’s no arguing with taste!

Flavor profile: Dried Apples+Floral+Chocolate

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